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African Youth Institute’s donors ensure the Institute’s ability to provide objective, nonpartisan analysis and contributions to a wide range of issues in national and international discourse. Your support will strengthen AYI’s capacity to undertake independent research relevant to the challenges facing the youth and the continent. African Youth Institute (AYI) is Africa’s premier youth based research and policy think tank. An independent, non-profit, non-partisan research, education and policy institute dedicated to serving the youth in particular and the African continent at large. Established in 2018, Institute was established with the aim of empowering the youth to chat their own path through rigorous education, research, policy analysis and formulations. We aim at providing objective analysis and concrete policy contributions to a wide range of national and international issues, and maintaining a reputation for timely, prescient and influential research.

Independent Research

All of our research is independently conducted and held to strict standards of peer review, reliability, and integrity. While some donor funds might support specific research projects, our donors do not determine the conclusions or policy implications drawn from our research. We receive support from individuals, foundations, labor organizations, nonprofits corporations, and public institutions locally and internationally.

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The diverse range of our funding sources strengthens our independence and intellectual integrity. Support AYI’s ability to fulfill its commitment to provide objective research, analysis and solutions on national and international challenges by donating today.

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The Institute’s research helps policymakers and stakeholders understand the important issues affecting the youth, continent and the


Our well researched findings help fellow think tanks and other CSOs to join in the fight for the forward movement of the youth and mankind.

Policy Change

Our work shall also contribute to policies of governments in the specific areas that we intentionally choose to operate in.


We provide relevant and tailored education and training to the youth across the continent and beyond. The aim is to inform and resource the youth adequately.