Executive Committee / Leadership

Dr. Isaac Dogor

Co-Founder & Honorary Exec. VP

Dr. Isaac Dogor is a doctor of Medicine and Surgery with over six years of professional
practice. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery and BSc. (Medical Sciences) from
University of Ghana. He is currently an MBA (General Management) Candidate at
Central University.
Isaac is currently a Medical Officer at Nyaho Medical Centre, Accra. Prior to that, he
worked in similar positions and with additional responsibilities as Deputy Medical
Director and Medical Insurance Claim Vetting Adviser at C&J Medicare Hospital, Accra,
Managed Health Care, Accra and University Hospital, Legon, Accra.
Dr. Dogor is a youth advocate, a preacher of the gospel of God and a frequent volunteer
at various health education and training programs at churches and rural communities.
He is the co-founder and Vice President of AYCEN International.