Advisory Board / Leadership

Williams Clinton APPOH

Founder & Executive Director

SDGs Campaigner | Youth Advocate | Web Designer | Digital & Social Media Consultant | Agripreneur |
Sales & Marketing Executive | Assistant Head &Tutor-Economics, Social Studies & English Language

Williams Clinton APPOH, a youth advocate with special interest in youth development, empowerment, civic participation and non-governmental organizational development is also an entrepreneur, trainer, tech lover and agric enthusiast. He is the founder of The MAPPOH Group and MAPPOH Technologies (formerly StarGrow Technologies).

Williams Clinton has over 15 years combined experience with local and multinational firms and also running his own businesses under the MAPPOH Group in the corporate, educational and Technological fields. He volunteers with the UN Online Volunteers, Walk The Talk Group and other local NGOs. Williams participated in the World Bank Essay Competitions- cohorts 2007/2008/2009, Ghana UN Models Cohort 5, YALI RLC West Africa and others. He is also a KIC AgriTechie (powered by Kosmos Energy-Ghana) where his team worn an unofficial contract while presenting their first business pitch on stage; the first ever and the only team to have achieved such feet so far in the history of KIC’s AgriTech Challenge.

Williams holds a Master of Business Administration (Mini) from Chicago Institute of Business, USA, was in University of Ghana for his BA in Economics and Sociology,* Diplomas in Web Development, Digital and Social Media Marketing from Shaw Academy UK and a Certificate in Project Management and Community Development from Ghana School of Governance and Leadership (now Accra Business School).

He is currently the Managing Partner of MAPPOH Technologies, Member of the Academic Board and Tech Lecturer for Pastoral Theological Seminary, Chief Technology Officer for AGRIVIMS, Media Manager-Africa and IT & Communication Director-Ghana for Afro Science Foundation among others.