UNEP Champions Of The Earth: Nominations for 2020 opened

Every year, individuals, groups and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the protection and restoration of the environment are recognized in four categories:

  • Policy leadership
  • Inspiration and action
  • Entrepreneurial vision
  • Science and innovation

Selection process

Every year, Champions are selected from hundreds of nominees globally, submitted during a public nominating process. Once submitted, a team of UN Environment Programme (UNEP) staff researches and prepares detailed profiles of each candidate, their achievements and qualifications. The profiles are reviewed by a broader group of UNEP experts before submission to a jury who select the laureates. In 2019, the jury consisted of five leaders of United Nations and other international organizations.

The 2020 nomination opened on 20 January 2020.

January 2020 – Submissions open. The criteria for selection are:

  • Impact – Have the nominee’s actions resulted in profound environmental gains or demonstrated significant potential for replication and scaling?
  • Novelty – Has the nominee done or achieved something new and innovative?
  • Power of the story – How compelling and inspiring is the nominee’s story?

March 2020 – Deadline for submissions. All nominations must be received by 20 March 2020, accompanied by appropriate supporting materials.

March 2020 – UNEP review. Winners are shortlisted, and a team of UNEP staff reviews the list of nominees and prepares a shortlist to be submitted before a global jury. 

May 2020 – Award laureates are chosen. A global jury consisting of high-profile individuals from different United Nations agencies and international organizations reviews the shortlist of nominations and selects their winning choice in each award category. Their decision is final.

October 2020 – Laureates are announcedWinners are disclosed publicly during a gala ceremony recognizing their achievement. The awards will be presented to this year’s laureates at a ceremony later this year.

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